Triple Treatment Trio


Double masking has quickly become the new normal to treat maskne caused by prolonged mask wearing. Fruit acid detoxing meets fruit nutrient intense hydration in this Limited Edition Triple Treatment Trio. A winning combination to help speed up the skin's cell turnover process revealing new and clearer skin faster.

1 oz CHAMOMILE ICING (Use every night except the days you've used Bamboo Turmeric)
Your skin is repairing and rejuvenating while asleep. Consistent application of this overnight treatment enriched with 2% of botanical AHA/BHA's can help support that cycle.

1 oz BAMBOO TURMERIC (Follow up with Greens and Olives Face Oil)
A resurfacing mask that gives you an instant glow! Use 1 to 3 days per week on the nights you're not using Chamomile Icing to unclog pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

1 oz STRANGE FRUIT should be used after your resurfacing mask when your skin is a clean canvas, porous and ready to easily absorb its fruit nutrients. Apply last in your AM/PM daily routine for the most intense hydrating treatment.