The Benefits of Natural Soap

The Benefits of Natural Soap

Many commercial soaps you can find at your local retailer are not exactly real soaps. Instead, they are full of various detergents that not only have adverse effects on the environment but provide significantly few benefits for your skin. As people work to maintain a healthier lifestyle by eating better and exercising more frequently, choosing clean products for your skin becomes a part of this process.


Studies have shown that toxins can be absorbed directly through the human skin, which is alarming because our skin is the body's largest organ. This means that any lotions, sunscreens, or soap we use on our bodies will get absorbed into our system. If they contain chemicals or dyes, they can negatively affect your health.


What is Natural Soap?

Natural soap is a product that is created of natural or organic ingredients. While regular soaps are made of dyes or synthetic chemicals, natural soaps are made up of plants or items found in nature, such as plant-based oils, essential oils, natural fats, or water. Besides the clean ingredients, there are many benefits to enjoy if you choose fragrance-free or natural soap.


  1. Natural Soap Doesn't Disturb the Body's Natural Biome

Our skin is part of our microbiome, which means our skin creates good bacteria which can help fight off harmful bacteria by creating natural antibiotics. Using regular soap can wipe out the good bacteria from your skin. However, natural soap keeps your skin clean without disturbing your body's biome.


  1. Natural Soap Does Not Contain Any Preservatives

Chemicals that are added to regular soaps include harmful preservatives to make the soap last forever. However, this is unnecessary because soap is solid, meaning that it doesn't require any preservatives. Natural soap contains none of those damaging chemicals or artificial ingredients that can be absorbed into your skin.


  1. Natural Soaps Contain Healing Properties

Using natural body soap or natural face cleanser can help various skin issues since it contains herb essences, plants, spices, and essential oils. Natural face cleansers can help with problems such as acne, eczema, or even sunburn. Plus, when using soaps that are scented with botanical flower oils, you can find aromatherapy benefits from the steam mixing with your natural soap.


  1. Natural Soaps Contain Antioxidants

Antioxidants can help the skin repair itself by keeping your skin looking younger and reducing inflammation. Natural soaps preserve the antioxidant properties found in their ingredients, which can help create smoother skin and minimize common skin issues. Plus, since the PH of natural soaps is between 9 to 10, it causes less irritation on your skin.


Try Natural Soaps for Your Face and Body

Protecting your skin is essential because it's the biggest organ of your body. Investing in natural skincare products, such as natural soap for your face and body, contributes to your body's long-term health. Natural soaps or facial cleansers help ensure you're receiving the best healing parts of soap without regular soap's harmful effects. 

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