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Slow Down & Smell The Flowers

Try our latest Shea Body Cream & Natural Soap Set. With it's balance aroma therapy benefits, it will inspire feelings of flow and abundance.

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Includes a bonus mini eucalyptus shower bundle

Just in time for Mother’s Day when roses are just not enough for her

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Natural Body Soaps & Solutions for Delicate Skin


Looking for security and a naturally grounded feeling for your body? Try our featured Earth Aroma Therapy body cream and soap set.

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Squalane Skincare Solutions

Health and Beauty Articles

The Benefits of Natural Soap for Your Face and Body

The Benefits of Natural Soap for Your Face and Body

Many commercial soaps you can find at your local retailer are not exactly real soaps. Instead, they are full of various detergents that not only have adverse effects on the environment but provide significantly few benefits for your skin. As people work to maintain a healthier lifestyle by eating better and exercising more frequently, choosing clean products for your skin becomes a part of this...

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An Astrology Gift Guide

An Astrology Gift Guide

If you're stuck and confused about what to get your special person this holiday, look to the stars! We've paired each zodiac sign with it's preferred product according to their personality and the body parts they rule over.  Aries Those born in this sun sign have the fiery planet of Mars and they rule over every part of the head. A natural red lip with...

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Best Fall Skincare Practices

Best Fall Skincare Practices

I don't know about you but my skin is about as dry as fall leaves. Yeah, that dry... So, even though a lot of us know our skin is super dry in the fall, why do we push off finding the best fall skincare routines that can make our skin glow during the cozy season? 

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Restoration Skincare - SoapLife 360

Restoration Skincare

Arnica and botanical therapy to help with minor pains, cuts and fungi.


Handmade Artisan Soaps

Organically and hand crafted soaps made for those with diverse skin types

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