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Arnica Repair Balm

Arnica Repair Balm

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Rose of Sharon is fortified with an high performance botanicals, Organic cocoa and shea butter to:
  • Restore and condition the skin
  • Protect your body's canvas after a tattoo 
  • Foot care; including aches and foot fungus
  • Minor cuts, bruises and joint pain.

Neem, Calendula and Arnica botanical extracts contain potent antibacterial,  anti-fungal and anti-microbial components. *Its anti-fungal formula should be applied twice daily and is great for itchy, dry or cracked feet, sore muscles and joint aches.
Smells Like: Sweet honey, some vanilla and a hint of mint
Feels like: A slight cooling sensation from the menthol crystals
Comes with: A bamboo applicator

Our Founder's Personal Testimony
 I was embarrassed to share this story, but I believe that my experience could be a game changer for you.
 In 2017, I was struck by a wicked foot fungus. I suspect it came from a pedicure appointment, but where it originated didn't matter. What mattered was that not even creams prescribed by my podiatrist helped.The pain made walking unbearable and I desperately needed a solution.
So, my friend and I buckled down in the lab, determined to conquer this fungus. We gathered all of our anti-fungal, anti-bacterial herbs, and the power of pure urban alchemy became our ally.
The formula? Calendula and Neem for the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, Arnica for the pain, and our key ingredient – Rose of Sharon –for its hyper-regenerative properties. And after four long months, my foot fungus disappeared in LESS than a week!

Since then, Rose of Sharon has become a household staple. So much so that it's a race to see if my family or our customers will buy it all before the next batch is ready!
*The results may vary, Apply as needed.


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