Be Balanced Daily Selfcare Set

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Your Daily Selfcare set is jammed with plant powered skin care essentials. Scented with a sweet + soulful Spring collage of botanical oils like Ylang ylang, Litsea, Geranium and Clary sage

(2) soaps
(1oz) deodorant
(2oz) body cream
(1oz) aromatherapy pillow/body spray
(1) wood soap dish

Scented with aromatherapy botanical oils used for centuries to manage stress and improve sleep quality. Layer your handcrafted soaps & nourishing body cream to build a delicate floral + edgy dimension to your overall scent.


Soaplife360 is committed to using only the finest ingredients, carefully chosen and formulated with "urban alchemy" to create skincare that nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

We believe in the power of plant actives, routine skin modalities, and mindfulness to restore and repair your skin and your body.

Give your skin the love and care it deserves by trying our cruelty-free, cold-pressed oils, and fragrance-free, palm-free products.

Soaplife360 was born during the civil unrest in Saint Louis in 2014 when founder Coco turned to soap-making as a way to distract herself from the crisis.

She was inspired to name each soap after unique personalities and began selling them at local markets, where they sparked conversations about stereotypes in our culture.

Today, we continue to promote diversity and tolerance through our natural skincare products made from botanicals and other natural ingredients.

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