A Podcast About Diversity + Wellness

A Podcast About Diversity + Wellness

Last year, we were asked to be guest on the Human Amplified podcast hosted by Brandi Fleck on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and iHeart Radio. 

 It was our very first podcast feature and I was very nervous about how I would respond to Brandi’s very pointed questions about my childhood, racism, the relationship between Soaplife360 and the 2014 unrest in Ferguson and what it meant “ to be human”. We also spoke about our plans to forge the longest conversation about diversity and inclusion through a self care product used everyday; soap!

 Brandi’s questions revealed some things in me that I never gave notice to before. Together we discovered:

  • How the men in my family taught me to initiate, problem solve and the art of resilience
  • Gifts I developed when I became a young teen mother that fine tuned my definition of self care today
  • How much my childhood community influenced the way I approach things in my personal life and in business
  • How and why I’m so sure Soaplife360 will be a huge company

 I’m so excited for you to get up close and to the core about why we do the things that we do in this episode of The Human Amplified. 

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