May HoroSOAP -All Zodiac Signs

May HoroSOAP -All Zodiac Signs

This is a big month for you, Taurus! A Lunar eclipse in your sign might bring unexpected events that shift your perspective on who you are as a person and the role certain relationships play in your life. Being a stubborn fixed sign, you don’t particularly enjoy change. However, you’ll need to learn to embrace it. The more you go with the flow, the more blessings you’ll find on the other side of this cosmic disruption. Use the aroma therapy power of frankincense and patchouli in the Stoner deodorizing soap to ground you into a deep sense of knowing to trust the process.



Lucky Jupiter moves into your sign until the end of October, bestowing you with blessings and abundance for the next 6 months! After the eclipse illuminates your money sector, take advantage of this good luck to up-level your finances. 



The eclipse will have you searching through your depths as you make significant shifts to your health or work. However, with Venus and Jupiter blessing the friendship sector of your chart, this is a perfect time for your favorite activity – socializing!



This month the eclipse brings you new and innovative means for connection and creativity. By the end of the month, Venus and Jupiter will help you tap into new energy reserves as you bring this creativity to a more public sphere. 



Lightning strikes your career as the eclipse brings change and possible blessings to your work. Simultaneously, this is an excellent time for travel and exploration as Venus and Jupiter bless your most adventurous endeavors. 


The eclipse brings significant shifts around your environment, bringing spontaneous but necessary growth. You may find that you’re inspired to shift your habits to support profound transformation and healing. 



With the eclipse jolting your finances, you might be in for big surprises surrounding your money. This is the perfect time to plan some dates because Venus and Jupiter bring fiery and flirty energy to the relationship sector of your chart. 



You find that the eclipse brings your relationships to the forefront as you’ll be asked to focus less on yourself and more on the people in your life. Venus and Jupiter bless you with the energy to shift your routines in a way that better serves you. 



The eclipse brings major inner shifts that others may not perceive, but you’ll definitely feel. Venus and Jupiter light up the pleasure center of your chart. Prioritize fun and enjoyment through hobbies and creative expression to integrate these changes.


You may be struck with sudden creative inspiration this eclipse season. You may be motivated to move or make major changes around your home with Venus and Jupiter in this area of your chart. 



A sudden career shift is on the horizon, with the eclipse bringing focus to that area of your life. Venus and Jupiter help you communicate your desires in an exciting and persuasive way.  



The eclipse asks you to focus on how you can weave your spirituality into your day-to-day habits. With Jupiter and Venus in the money section of your chart, you may be energized to do manifestation work around your finances. 


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