June Horosoap - All Zodiac Signs

June Horosoap - All Zodiac Signs

You start the month with Mercury, your ruling planet in retrograde. This can leave you feeling out of sorts and foggy. Luckily, Mercury retrograde ends later in the month, and Jupiter enters your 11th house of groups, allowing you to shine like the social butterfly you are. Our Tomboy Medium Exfoliating Vegan Soap is packed with energizing properties to wake you up if you're looking to move through the retrograde fog. Scents like orange, litsea, and ylang-ylang, plus cocoa butter and jojoba oil, offer a restorative and enlightening experience. 


Both Mars and Jupiter enter your sign this month, giving you an abundance of energy and luck. This energy gives you a beautiful boost toward your goals and anything you wish to achieve for the rest of the year. 


After last month’s eclipse, you’ll be able to enjoy a much-needed break from the intense energy. Venus traveling through your sign for most of the month blesses you with pleasure and bliss. 


The focus for you this month is on your career as Mars in Aries gives you the drive to put yourself out there, and Jupiter blesses you with luck in the results. You’ll easily gather a team to help support you in your endeavors. 




You might be motivated to pursue a new spiritual path and find enlightenment through traveling abroad. You’ll realize that some of the best lessons and experiences happen beyond the confines of your own backyard. 


Jupiter in Aries illuminates your 8th house of transformation, starting the process of deep rebirth and renewal over the next four months. The shift may be uncomfortable initially, but you’ll find strengths and blessings on the other side. 


This is your time to shine as Jupiter blesses the area of your chart that deals with relationships. Partnerships of all kinds bring an abundance of companionship and adventure. Being the social sign you are, you’ll easily be able to take advantage of this shift. 




Your health is at the forefront of your focus as Jupiter in Aries illuminates this sector of your chart. You’ll be able to integrate the lessons and messages from last month’s eclipse if you prioritize healing the temple that is your body. 


As Venus moves through the section of your chart that deals with habits and Jupiter illuminates your creativity, you’ll find structured yet imaginative ways to bring your dreams into reality. 


You’ll be inspired to look at your home and traditions as Jupiter blesses this area of your life. As someone who understands the importance of your roots, this will be an enlightening time for you. 


Jupiter traversing your 3rd house of communication has you taking up new writing projects and finding ways to express yourself with your words. You’ll find new and unexpected blessings when you share your inspiration. 


As Jupiter blesses the sector of your chart that deals with finances and possessions, you’ll find that making money comes easier than usual! But Jupiter can also expand your spending habits, so make sure you don’t go overboard. 


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