July Horosoap- All Zodiac Signs

July Horosoap- All Zodiac Signs

Cancer: As we wrapped up June with a gorgeous New Moon in Cancer, you’re primed and ready to put your best foot forward. Mars ignites your friend groups, making this the perfect time to gather for a good time. Furthermore, with Venus and Mercury spending some quality time in your sign, you’ll enjoy plenty of “treat yourself “moments this month. You can do just that with our Fine Wine Gentle Exfoliating Soap. Milled corn meal acts as a natural exfoliant leaving you smooth to the touch. You’ll love the luxurious combination of raw Ghanaian shea butter and safflower petal oil as they moisturize your skin and leave you with a healthy glow. 


Leo: You’ll be energized and focused to excel in your work or business, possibly bolstering your income down the line. You also may close yourself off from your partner or friends as you desire a little “me time.”


Virgo: Vacation, anyone? You’re feeling like hitting the road to new exotic places. You might meet a new group of pals along the way. 


Libra: Be careful with your finances this month, as you might be tempted to swipe that credit a bit more than usual. Luckily, you may meet someone who can help you further your career and grow your income. 


Scorpio: You may feel a little spicy in your relationships this month. Watch your words, and conflicts may ensue. 


Sagittarius: Now is an excellent time to get your health routine in check. However, be wary of unexpected accidents. A blessing through a new friendship may find its way to you. 


Capricorn: You feel sudden bursts of creativity this month. Taking up a new hobby or engaging in playful activities is encouraged. This month also brings warm blessings to your romantic life. 


Aquarius: You’ll have the energy to finish those projects around the house that you’ve been putting off. Familial disputes may arise, so have patience and know they’ll blow over soon. 


Pisces: It’s time to revamp your daily habits and routines! You’re being blessed creatively this month, so figure out how you can infuse this inspiration into the more mundane parts of your life. 


Aries: You’re feeling extra scrappy and resourceful this month, which translates into financial gains if you play your cards right. This abundance also expands into feeling extra peace and stability in your home. 


Taurus: You’re more assertive than usual, which can be helpful or detrimental to your goals. Don’t forget that natural Taurian patience when engaging with others. 


Gemini: It’s time to go inward and reflect on what you wish to accomplish for the rest of the year. Additionally, you may find financial gains through connecting with others. 


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