Calm Down With Affirmations

Calm Down With Affirmations

 Affirmations are phases spoken aloud to guide you into a better feeling place. Where? “The zone” the “other level”. It’s the place Beyonce goes to find “Sasha Fierce” and Kobe, the “Black Mamba”. It’s your highest self!

If it’s your first time starting with affirmations, we don’t expect you to feel instantly on top of the world on your first try; although you could.  But, as you practice affirming we promise there’s no place on this journey you can’t go.


Tools To Ward Off Distractions:

  • Use a focusing tool like a palo santo incense or your sage bouquet you received with your Daily Selfcare Set
  • Follow the rhythm of your breathing to speak affirmations out loud. Then take a deep breath in before reciting your next one
  • Try meditation music, soft instrumentals or a noise app with nature sounds, white noise, ect. in your head phones.

 Be Easy On Yourself

You are where you can’t fool yourself. It’s very important to speak words that you believe or resonate with. Affirmations are not about speaking things into existence. They're about allowing your words, soft music and breathing to slow you down. At this pace, you simply feel better and better until you realize who you really are. Ascending higher, until you become what you want to see and be.


An Affirmation Sample

If you’re battling a little seasonal depression, start your first affirmation when you open your eyes in the morning. Before negative thoughts from the night before creep in and began building momentum, affirm:

While laying down

“I am enjoying this pillow”.

When your feet hit the floor

“I am enjoying the softness of this rug between my toes” 

As you stand up

“I am in love with the strength of my body”

On the way to the restroom

“I am so fascinated and thankful about how it all just works

Trust, after about the 4th affirmation others will just come. It won’t be long before you ascend to “I am going to allow this day to naturally flow” and “I am expecting a beautiful outcome of my day” !

affirmation guide

 Getting Started

The key is to began each affirmation with “I am”. Since everything is energy, insert what you know to be true, next.

Remember, if you get stuck, feel free to start with one of the affirmations on the inside of your Daily Selfcare Sets.  Eventually you’ll get to the place of finding your own words.

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