Big Daddy Soap For Eczema

Big Daddy Soap For Eczema


Big Daddy soap is the best option to hydrate while cleansing skin with eczema symptoms.  Big Daddy Soap is scented with essential oils instead of fragrance, which is the biggest irritant for eczema sufferers. It contains goat’s milk which is one of the best ingredients to sooth eczema dryness, as well triple butters; raw Shea, mango and cocoa butter and coconut oil to support the skin’s barrier, reduce itching and inflammation. Its scented with a therapeutic blend of essential oils closely resembling thieves oil and is suitable for all skin types.

What The FDA Say

The FDA and the American Academy of Dermatology recommends ingredients like milks, oats and honey, for those suffering with eczema as their fatty acids are deeply hydrating and they seem to coat the skin with a fine yet non- greasy layer of protection form pollution and other irritants.

A Big Story Short

Our founder was very aware of the horrible dryness and symptoms of eczema all to well since her son was diagnosed  with it at 6 months. She’d used everything doctors had prescribed but she only saw lasting results when she would bath her son in oats, milk and honey. However, it was a messy process. She would later formulate Big Daddy soap with the same ingredients to eliminate her son’s dry skin, itchiness and all other symptoms associated with eczema. It has a thick and creamy lather that does not strip your skin of it’s natural oils, yet you’re sure to feel clean. 

Avoid detergents 

You’d want to avoid body washes and gels in your shower when you’re experiencing dry skin and skin disorders like eczema. These products are filled with surfactants and colorants that could potentially inflame eczema.

Keep in mind that if your soap contain words in its title such as “cleanser” “body wash” “ shower gel”, it is a detergent. The FDA has defined the definition of soap to mean cleansers that contain soap and water. This way shoppers can make wise decisions about what you’re buying for your skin

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