An Astrology Gift Guide

An Astrology Gift Guide

If you're stuck and confused about what to get your special person this holiday, look to the stars! We've paired each zodiac sign with it's preferred product according to their personality and the body parts they rule over. 


Those born in this sun sign have the fiery planet of Mars and they rule over every part of the head. A natural red lip with Werking Women Red gets Aries noticed from across the room. Indulge them further with the Lip Service Moisture Lock + Lip Tint Trio and it will be hard for their heads not to swell from all of the new found attention.


Aware at an early age of taking care of their skin, Taurus pays special attention to their neck. High on their list is regular gentle exfoliation with the new Triple Treatment Trio. This limited edition skin rejuvenating set helps them speed up the skin's turnover rate with the help of fruit enzymes and collagen peptides. They'll have the choice of the Bamboo Turmeric Resurfacing Mask, the Chamomile Icing overnight treatment or the Strange Fruit collagen mask to clarify and to smoothen their face and décolletage. 


Gemini rules over the lungs and all body parts were there are two. This duality inspires the "twins" to showcase their arms and legs. Receiving Sundae Glow bronzing oil as a gift to highlight their cheeks or adorn their shoulders will induce their extremity dreams!


Cancer is the ruler of the 4th house, family and breast. They would consider Mandarin + Tangerine natural deodorant the sincerest gift one could receive. Since deodorant is applied so close to the breast they would expect it to be free of aluminum, parabens and artificial fragraces. And if you pair it with an Awake Aroma Therapy set, they will cling to you forever.


Known for their warm heart and gorgeous mane of hair. A Natural Boar Bristle Brush majestically bundled with Jasmine Scented Truffle Oil is a gift perfectly suited for any King or Queen. Leo will enjoy dry brushing their skin towards the heart. Then finishing with a bonus massage or a hot oil hair treatment.


Virgo is a sign that rules the abdominal health. This Earth sign's approach to wellness is logical and systematic. A 360 Cleansing Ritual Beauty Set for a gift  will be the step -by- practical- step to the beautiful skin their always striving for.  


Libra's obsession with symmetry is partly due to their rule over the endocrine system for hormonal stability. A delicate scent blend in the Balance Aroma Therapy set will do Libra the justice they deserve. Level up that gift with a complementary Sage + Ylang-ylang scented natural deodorant and Libra will believe you know them better than anyone.


Scorpio rules the eighth house and reproductive organs.This water sign can appreciate intimate gifts like Sitting Pretty Yoni Steam. And since their strength comes from an ocean of psychic and emotional splendor, adding Lotus Sea Kelp to their gifty mix will expand their holiday cheer. 


The impatient Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs so, they have no time for broken capillaries and cellulite. Gift them Creme Brûlée Body Polish to exfoliate and reveal new skin. When used on the back of the thighs it stimulates blood flow to the area which helps diminish the appearance of broken veins and dimples.


The ambitious Capricorn is the ruler of the skeletal system. For them, joints and knees represents the pinnacle of beauty. An Earth sign who loves variety so nothing would please them more than The Goddess Soap Set. It's every single soap that Soaplife360 has to offer Capricorn at their disposal. Add a Butter Me Down body creme set with it and they'll never have to worry about ashy knees again!


Pisces is one of the most spiritual or mysterious signs of the stratosphere and rules over the feet and toes. They have a high curiosity for the new and the unknown. All this water sign wants for Christmas is a Smudge Bouquet and Palo Santo Incenses to perform their affirmations and Rose of Sharon repair balm to slather on their feet after a long soaking.


This air sign is the ruler over the shins and ankles. They expect their friends to charm their socks off or else they're easily bored. They want a gift they can mix and custom blend like the elixir, serum and face oil in the Charm Box. They know their skin changes like the wind and requires nothing less than that of their skincare.

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