AriesYou start the month off with Mercury, the planet of communication, in watery and emotional Pisces. Both dreamy Neptune and expansive Jupiter have been hanging out in Pisces as well, all in your 12th house which rules the subconscious mind. All that’s to say, things have been feeling a bit fuzzy and it’s not your cup of tea. But not to worry! Mercury moves into your sign later in the month. The messenger planet of communication, coordination and creative expression which might help you feel like your normal, action-oriented self. In the meantime, use energizing scents like the rosemary and lemongrass in our Face It soap to help clear and focus your  mind.


Taurus: This is a time to find innovation and individuality within your career. You’ll be able to think outside of the box to build something new and refreshing that takes you to new heights! If you play your cards right, you may see advancement within your work and your wallet.

Gemini: Your thirst for knowledge and information may guide you to find beauty and excitement in expanding your world view. Take some time to learn about the traditions and values of cultures outside of your own. You’ll find your mind opening in a way that feels enlightening and refreshing.

Cancer: You might experience some shifts, especially in your shared resources such as shared finances with your partner. You might find yourself in a moment of deep transformation that feels a little uncomfortable on the surface. Remember that once you make it through, you’ll be transformed for the better.

Leo: Relationships come into focus for you during this time. Not only will you feel more passionate than usual, you’ll be considering what you can do to evolve your partnership to a new level. This focus on growth can help you create a solid foundation that takes you well into the future.


Virgo: Your to-do lists, habits, and routines are due for a bit of an overhaul. It’s easy to get stuck doing the same things out of familiarity. See if you can find more efficient and helpful ways to go about your day. By removing unnecessary mental clutter, you’ll find your productivity skyrocket, which is music to a Virgo’s ears!

Libra: You’re feeling playful and energized. This is a perfect opportunity to gather your friends to try a new and creative hobby or engage in a fun experience. As a Libra, you’re a natural at getting people together for a fun affair. You can be the reason people let their hair down and forget some of their stress.

Scorpio: A boost of beautification energy inspires you to get your home in order. Envision the warm and comforting space that can help you feel safe and grounded and do your best to create that. You’ll also be focusing on your family dynamics and doing your best to create peace and harmony within your family unit.

Sagittarius: You’ll be hit with new ideas and bursts of inspiration that you’ll want to share with the world. Being an idealist, these thoughts might be philosophical in nature. Now would be a wonderful time to start a blog or podcast to get your ideas out there!

Capricorn: You’re feeling energized to get your finances in order which might bring you some joy and peace of mind. An urge to impulse spend might be something that takes you off guard. Remember to think before you swipe! But sometimes a little frivolous spending can be fun too. 

Aquarius: It’s time to focus on yourself and where you stand in the world. You’re more easily able to access self-confidence and use your will to get what you desire. You also might find yourself focusing on your appearance. If there was a style you’ve been wanting to try, now is the time to do it!

Pisces: The focus is on intimacy and private moments. You’re able to go within and access divine love and spirituality. By going within, you find new ways to connect to your higher self and deepen your intuition.

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