7 Ways To Optimize Your Clean Beauty To Save Money

7 Ways To Optimize Your Clean Beauty To Save Money

So much care has been taken to preserve the healing power in the herbs + plant actives we use in your skin care. We want to see you get the most from your  skincare especially with the rise of inflation. Here are a few ways to save money and optimize your clean beauty routine.


Your handcrafted soaps are made with restorative botanicals, cold press oils and luxurious clays + minerals. You want to allow your skin to absorb and benefit from every drop! A towel or brush gets in the way of all of that goodness and sometimes bring with it, unwanted bacteria. And as an added bonus cut your soaps in half and store the unused portion in the fridge. We hear from customers, they get at least an extra month of use from them.

 Empty Your Dropper

When you leave your dropper half full, oxygen fills the remainder of the dropper. This oxygen naturally contains free radicals that can reduce the shelf life and potency of serums and face oils.


Plant actives like Vitamin C, collagen and fruit acids are powerful and yet gentle. However, they began to lose their potency when they're exposed to UV rays, high temperatures and oxygen. Place them in your beauty fridge or store them in a cool dark place to keep their ingredients as effective as the day they were made.

No Towel Is A Clean Towel

The balance of good and bad bacteria on your face is naturally balanced. This mixture describes an healthy biome. One way you can eliminate potentially harmful bacteria is to use disposable paper towels in your routine. And preventing acne breakouts and blemishes is another way to save money on your clean beauty.

Don't Start None > Wont Be None

Bacteria! It loves nutrients, warmth and moisture. Using a cosmetic spatula or washing your hands before scooping out your creams and butters helps your clean beauty products remain germ free. Although, your skincare has plant based preservatives, added bacteria stresses it's preservative system.



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