Goddess Soap Set


Self Care made easy. Choose, daily. 

The Goddess Soap Set Includes all 10 Aroma Therapy handcrafted soaps. Scented with essential flower oils and curated with the whole of you in mind. Choose the soap and aroma that is most soothing to you in the moment. 
Approximately 3 oz | 85 g

Calm:  Chakra Crown     
Soaps: Plain Jaine + Bougie   
Notes: Lavender + Unscented 
For: Serenity and peace of mind

Awake: Chakra Heart     
Soaps: Drama Queen + Cougar 
Notes: Citrus, Mint
For: Uplifting and loving mood

Balance: Chakra Solar Plexus     
Soaps: Fine Wine + On My Grind   
Notes: Ylang-ylang, Clary Sage, Pine needle
For: Feelings of abundance and flow

Earth: Chakra Root     
Soaps: Ashy Ass + Stoner   
Notes: Patchouli + Ginger + Clove + Frankincense
For: Feelings of security, and confidence 
Directions: If you want a deep scrub, cleanse with your soap and towel or loofah first. Then massage your artisan soap or suds directly on to the body without a towel or loofah before you rinse. This is the best way for the botanicals, minerals, herbs and flower oils to soak in. 
* To extend the life of your artisan soaps, use a well draining soap dish to keep them dry while in use. Never allow your soaps to linger in water.