Our Products

We believe self care and using a botanical base skincare to be the building blocks of any health conscious routine. Both, supports the skin and the body in this ever changing environment called life. 

Each ingredient is sincerely chosen. Each product is prepared with a light heart. Each name is decided with EVERYONE in mind.

 Our Story

Natural skincare

It was during the civil unrest in Saint Louis during late 2014 when Soaplife360 was born. Soap making became a distraction from the crisis our city was in at that time. Inspired by the people in the community, Coco began formulating recipes in her kitchen and naming each soap after their unique personalities and matching characteristics.

Realizing the change that was needed was so big that it would first have to start within. She began by getting out into the community markets and speaking to those who were first curious about the soap names. Second, providing a safe place for people to speak their truth.

The soaps began to invoke thought that would shine a light on stereotypes that persisted in our culture. These conversations brought peace from the surrounding chaos.

 We hope to continue to inspire people to reach greater levels of tolerance and remind them to appreciate diversity within our beloved city and throughout the globe.

Our Founder


Has been an expert in the beauty industry for more than twenty years as an aesthetician and hair stylist with extensive training in color chemistry at Vidal Sassoon in London and the Aveda Institute in Soho, New York.

She began creating natural skincare from botanicals and other natural ingredients when she developed adult acne in her early twenties and would later learn about soap making after her son developed eczema.