A Word From Our Founder

I started Soaplife360 with the idea that people who take care of themselves are likely to take care of others. As a cosmetologist of 20+ years, I knew that people would practice self care daily if it were made easy. And our Palm-free soaps made with ethically sourced ingredients and aromatherapeutic essentials oils are a familiar yet immersive way to began any clean beauty routine. Like in nature, we use a diversity of ingredients sincerely chosen and formulated with what we've coined "urban alchemy”. That is, a healing love for the People and the Planet. Soap making is very labor-intensive but for hands-on creatives, it's fulfilling. We believe in the power of plant actives coupled with routine skin modalities like massage and mindfulness to restore, repair and rejuvenate the skin and the body. Ancestral traditions of herbal infusion to make the botanical extracts found in your skincare and cold processed soap-making are at the core of every product we make


Coco Kennell


Our Story

It was during the civil unrest in Saint Louis during late 2014 when Soaplife360 was born. For Coco, soap making became a distraction from the crisis her city was in at that time. She would attend peaceful protest between clients and was moved by the community’s love and support of one another. When formulating recipes in her kitchen, she was inspired to name each soap after their unique personalities. At local markets, those who were curious about the soap names felt safe to speak their truth. The soaps began to invoke conversations that would shine a light on stereotypes that persisted in our culture. We hope to continue to inspire people to reach greater levels of tolerance and remind them to appreciate diversity within our beloved city and throughout the globe.