Cleanser For Combination Skin



Sagging Jeans for Combination Skin

Bold indigo extract is swirled into Kaolin clay restoring your skin pH balance and comfort like a perfect pair of jeans.

Who Should Use It:

For combination skin


A cozy citrus and somber aroma


Use this soap directly onto the skin in circular motion building a thick velvety mask. Let it marinate some in the yummy ingredients. Rinse by splashing then blot dry with a disposable paper towel. Click here for the complete 360 Cleansing Ritual

Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, organic virgin Ghanaian Shea butter, honey, indigo root power, activated charcoal, lavender essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, bergamot essential oils

* Our natural handmade soaps will have variations in their design, colors and texture. As artisans, we actually get a kick out of this! However, they are all the same creamy goodness seeping into your skin.
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